Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Resolution on the Halal Status of GM Crops/Foods

Two weeks ago MABIC organized an International Workshop for Ulama on Agribiotechnology. The theme was “Agribiotechnology: Shariah Compliance” The aim of this workshop was to bridge the knowledge and communication divide between scientists and ulama and to adopt a resolution on the halal status of GM crops/foods. MABIC has been engaging all stakeholders involved in the biotech sector and ulama is one of the key groups although no efforts have been made to create awareness on biotech among them. It is of paramount importance ulama has good understanding on the basic of modern biotechnology as they develop fatwa.

The workshop was attended by very prominent scientists and ulama from Malaysia as well as overseas. Presentations on halal concept, Shariah principles, GM technology, its safety, socioeconomic impact, global status, environmental impact and the need for this technology in Muslim countries were part of the workshop and these were deliberated by both scientists and the ulama present.

I would like to share here the resolution that was adopted in the workshop:

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By Mahaletchumy Arujanan

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AxL Farhan said...

It's about time where everybody have a sound understanding in Biotechnology. Good effort from the party who organized the workshop.