Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Media against Bt Brinjal in Bangladesh

Bangladesh took a wise step in Jan 2014 with her approval of Bt brinjal for cultivation, putting India and the Philippines to shame after years of research.

Now that there are happy farmers who do not have to spend thousands for pesticides, the media is at work to discredit the performance of Bt brinjal. The Age reported that the biotech plants did not grow up and came under attack of different pests.

The truth was revealed when Mark Lynas visited the same farm. It turned out that the media has not grown up – no professional reporting, unbalanced views, spinning the truth – all of which is against the very basic principles of journalism. 

The plants yielded healthy fruits. And the farmers confessed that they did not have to use chemicals.

Some farmers feel the chemical companies are behind the propaganda. But as usual thanks to NGOs who are partners to this crime.

Scientists are often bashed when they collaborate with the industry. However, the chemical companies and organic industry that fund anti-GM movement get off scot free.

My observation: NGOs hardly speak to the farmers or have stepped into a farm. Their stories are based on their imagination, themed by their donors’ goals.

                                                      Watch this video by Mark Lynas.

The same farmer and his neighbours who The Age claimed their plants were not growing up. (Photo by Mark Lynas)

By Dr Mahaletchumy Arujanan

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